Safe Following Distances in Texas

Most individuals in Texas understand how busy the roadways can become. A driver does not drive on an empty road often. Instead, drivers have to share the road with a variety of other individuals. This can include pedestrians, commercial motor vehicles and other passenger vehicles. In any situation, a driver must be aware of the other vehicles that are on the roadway. Drivers must respect these other vehicles in order to avoid dangerous car accidents.

There are many laws in place that help ensure that people in Texas drive safely in order to avoid a collision. These laws try to keep all vehicles safe from an accident. When drivers fail to follow these laws, serious car accidents can occur. Drivers that cause car accidents may be liable for damages as a result of the accident.

One law that is in place to keep drivers in Texas safe is the safe-following-distance rule. According to section 545.062 of the Texas transportation code, drivers must maintain an adequate distance between vehicles as they are on the roadway. By following this rule, individuals can help to avoid accidents caused by drivers who are driving to closely to one another.

More specifically, this section requires that drivers keep enough distance in between two cars so that the following vehicle can stop safely without hitting the vehicle in front of them. By following this rule, individuals can avoid rear end accidents and associated injuries.

In addition to this rule, this section also requires individuals to leave enough in front of their vehicle in order for a passing car to safely merge into the individual’s lane. This applies when conditions permit safe passing.

There are a variety of safety rules that must be adhered to by drivers throughout Texas. Individuals should be aware of these rules and follow them closely. When drivers choose to ignore these rules and cause a traffic accident, a negligent driver can be held financially responsible for damages. These damages can include lost wages, medical expenses and more related to the accident. An attorney can help car accident victims understand their legal rights.