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For new drivers, learning to drive involves an intimidating number of unique challenges. For one, new drivers have to familiarize themselves with traffic laws and regulations. They also have to learn practical skills such as how to safely operate their vehicle and how to react to the actions of others on the road.

Driving also requires us to shoulder heavy social responsibilities. Since car accidents can result in devastating injuries and extensive property damage, it is the responsibility of every driver to operate their vehicle responsibly.

Being a licensed teenage driver means that you have recently taken on these responsibilities and faced these challenges. Unfortunately, even the hardest-working, most-knowledgeable teenage drivers can still get into car accidents. Dangerous road conditions, vehicle malfunctions, or the actions of other drivers can result in an unavoidable crash.

Many people assume that a teenage driver is to blame in the event of an accident. Youth and inexperience are often claimed as the reason for accidents, but those explanations all too often ignore the facts of the case. That means teenage drivers may find themselves blamed for a crash they did not cause.

If you are a teenage driver and you have been in a car accident, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side. At Burch Law Firm, our dedicated car crash lawyers will investigate the wreck, determine the parties responsible, and fight on your behalf. We can help you with filing insurance claims or contesting unfair decisions from insurance companies.

If others are to blame for your crash, we can help you secure the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries and property loss. Call us today or chat with us live on our website for assistance with your claim.

Common Causes of Car Accidents Involving New Drivers

Some common causes of car accidents include:

It can be difficult for a teenage driver with limited driving experience to determine the cause or the causes of their car accident on their own. Being in any crash can be traumatic, making it difficult to gather information at the scene objectively. Additionally, you might not be equipped to tell whether a construction company or municipality could be held legally responsible for unsafe road conditions.

A knowledgeable car accident lawyer like the team at Burch Law Firm can help you by investigating the incident and determining the legally liable parties.

Surprising Statistics About Car Accidents in Texas

The Texas Department of Transportation keeps careful records about the number of motor vehicle accidents, along with their causes. They also collect data about the amount of injuries and fatalities associated with motor vehicle crashes. In 2016, there were no deathless days on Texas roadways.

Far too many people are forced to endure the trauma and the pain of a vehicle accident. Some shocking statistics concerning the frequency and severity of traffic accidents in Texas in 2016 include:

  •    265,076 people suffered injuries in crashes
  •    14,202 serious injury crashes
  •    3,773 people died in crashes
  •    1.44 deaths per hundred million vehicle miles – a 3.59% increase from 2015
  •    814 people killed in crashes at intersections
  •    987 people killed in crashes involving drunk driving

Based on these numbers:

  •    1 person was killed every 2 hours 20 minutes
  •    1 person was injured every 1 minutes 59 seconds
  •    1 reportable crash occurred every 57 seconds

Hundreds of thousands of people every year suffer injuries in motor vehicle accidents. We all have a responsibility to ensure that we do not put those around us in danger. Tragically, when car manufacturers, drivers, or other involved parties neglect this responsibility, people can be seriously hurt.

Teenage Drivers and the Law in Texas

The law specifies that car accident victims should not have to pay for the costs of injuries or property damage caused by someone else. It’s an easy concept to grasp. If another party is to blame for the crash, they should bear the costs of that crash.

However, the reality isn’t often that simple. A crash can happen because of several large causes or a number of small causes. What happens if multiple people share partial responsibility for a collision?

That largely depends on state laws. In Texas, you can recover damages after a car crash even if you were partially responsible for the accident. However, the amount of financial compensation you can receive depends on your degree of fault.

Imagine that you were in an accident and currently face $10,000 in crash-related costs. You bear 10% of the blame for causing the crash. That means you could only receive up to $9,000 in damages.

Texas law also specifies that “a claimant may not recover damages if his percentage of responsibility is greater than 50 percent.” If you are more than half to blame for the accident, you cannot seek damages. That law makes Texas a “modified comparative fault” state.

Teen Car Accidents Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a teenage driver who has been involved in a car accident, you probably have a lot of concerns. How can you tell who was at fault for the crash? Will the courts assume you were responsible since you are a teenager?

We have gathered a brief list of some common questions we hear from our clients. If you have specific issues not addressed below, please feel free to call us or contact us online for specific answers to your individual questions.

How much is my case worth?

The amount of financial compensation you can receive after a car accident depends on several factors. Your policy should specify the support you can get from your insurance company, but those businesses have been known to deny, delay, or unfairly reduce claims. Many people fall prey to the unfair practices of insurance companies representing other drivers. To protect your own best interests, you can secure legal representation before you file any claims. A lawyer can also help you contest any unjust decisions. Insurance policies aside, you may be eligible for compensation by filing a personal injury claim. If another party is responsible for your accident, they might be ordered to pay for the various costs of your injury.

Why should I seek compensation?

In addition to physical pain and mental anguish, car crash victims can face mounting hospital bills, expensive vehicle repairs, and other costs. Sometimes these costs are simply unaffordable without adequate compensation from the party responsible. With the help of a knowledgeable car accident lawyer who has experience helping teenage drivers, you may be able to secure fair compensation for:

  •    Property damage
  •    Vehicle repairs
  •    Past and future doctor’s bills
  •    Mental anguish
  •    Undesirable lifestyle changes
  •    Lost work wages
  •    Lost earning potential
  •    Pain and suffering

Any one of these costs could seriously set back your plans for the future. You can protect yourself and your own best interests by obtaining legal representation after a car accident.

Why should I choose Burch Law Firm?

Our experienced car accident lawyers have a long record of legal victories. For example, we secured a $510,000 settlement for a victim T-boned at an intersection. We also won $716,666.67 for a trucker hurt in a multiple vehicle collision. One of our clients injured in a head-on collision was awarded a settlement of $852,500.00. These victories attest to our tenacity, our skills, and our dedication. We understand that teenaged drivers deserve top-quality legal representation, and our lawyers are ready to fight to protect your rights.

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Being involved in a car accident can be devastating. Not only are you forced to endure the pain and suffering of the crash itself, but you can also face an enormous number of problems in the accident’s aftermath. Your injury may cause you immense inconvenience and agony. A broken bone can keep you from enjoying your hobbies, and you might miss time from school or work while you recover. Some serious injuries can severely alter your life forever.

If you are a teen driver and you were involved in a car accident, you need immediate legal assistance. Insurance companies may assume that you were responsible for the crash without a thorough investigation. Additionally, you might require legal help getting the financial support you deserve.

At Burch Law Firm, our experienced car accident injury lawyers are ready to fight for your rights and protect your future. We have the knowledge and skills to handle even the toughest cases. Call us today to speak with a dedicated legal professional about how we can help you protect your best interests after a car accident.