Speeding Accident Lawyers

When operating a vehicle on the roadway, motorists are expected to observe relevant traffic laws and to drive their vehicles in a manner that does not needlessly endanger the well-being of others. Any disregard for these guidelines may put many people in danger. Though common, speeding is an illegal act that can lead to serious accidents that result in grievous injury for others on or near the road.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a car accident caused by the reckless driving behavior of another motorist, you may be able to take legal action against the responsible party. Contact the New Braunfels speeding attorneys of the Burch Law Firm at 830-629-0955 to speak to a knowledgeable member of our team about your legal rights today.

The Dangers of Speeding

Intentionally driving a car faster than the designated speed limit is very dangerous, wherever it takes place. In residential or commercial areas with high concentrations of pedestrian traffic, it is especially hazardous. Some of the hazards associated with speeding include:

  • Decreasing the driver’s ability to stop or slow down in time to avoid another vehicle, person, or object.
  • Decreasing control of the vehicle on the road.
  • Increased potential for causing severe injury and damage in the event of a collision.

Traveling at high speeds may reduce the ability of a driver to react to any unforeseen obstacles or events. Since the speed at which one travels is entirely under his or her control, it is a problem that is wholly preventable and therefore inexcusable.

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If you have been the victim of an accident caused by a speeding motorist, you may be entitled to pursue financial compensation through a civil action. Contact the New Braunfels speeding attorneys of the Burch Law Firm at 830-629-0955 to speak to an experienced lawyer about your case.