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Many people walk away from a serious car accident feeling emotionally traumatized but physically fine ─ initially. That’s the scary part of delayed injuries such as whiplash. You can go about normal activities the rest of the day after a crash, sometimes with no symptoms, all the while risking further injury to your head and neck. Then, a day or so later, the pain sets in and you start to realize you have suffered a serious injury after all.

About Our Whiplash Lawyers

The experienced New Braunfels whiplash injury lawyers at the Burch Law Firm have been successfully recovering maximum compensation for injured clients across South-Central Texas for more than 25 years. Our compassionate personal injury attorneys are widely known for:

  • Personalized and professional one-on-one service, in which clients deal directly with attorneys, not paralegals or other staff members
  • Smart negotiation strategies and a litigation plan specifically tailored to your case
  • Successful verdicts and settlements for accident victims who need a strong advocate when they are at their most vulnerable
  • Sensitivity to concerns about how much it costs to hire a lawyer after a whiplash injury
  • Dedication to making the process as easy as possible on you by offering after-hours and weekend appointments

At the Burch Law Firm, we believe that personal finances should not affect a person’s ability to pursue full and fair compensation after a serious accident. So our compassionate Texas whiplash injury lawyers offer free, no obligation case consultations to all our clients. We also don’t charge attorneys’ fees to get started on your whiplash claim. Instead, we collect our fees only if and when we secure compensation for you.

Don’t wait to see if you feel better and try to cope with a whiplash injury on your own. After all, you’re better off safe than sorry. Talk to our experienced New Braunfels personal injury attorneys to learn about your options for pursuing the compensation you need. Contact us now to discuss how we can help you.

What Is Whiplash?

People suffer whiplash injuries when they are involved in accidents in which the head is snapped back and forth with severe force. This drastic movement of the head can inflict damage to the bones, discs, cartilage, ligaments, muscles, and nerves in the spine and the neck.

What Are the Symptoms of Whiplash?

When the neck is strained beyond its normal limits, you can experience severe pain and debilitating side effects. Whiplash symptoms include:

  • Inability to move the neck without significant pain
  • Dizziness
  • Tingling or burning sensation in the neck, shoulders, or back
  • Headaches
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Visual impairments such as black spots in the line of sight

Common treatments for whiplash include a neck brace or collar, medications, ice and/or moist heat, massage, and physical therapy. After a serious accident, you may have to miss work and other important engagements due to your whiplash injury. So on top of the medical bills you are facing, you may be worried about missed paychecks and other financial difficulties.

You shouldn’t be forced to pay for someone else’s negligent behavior. Contact us today to learn how our New Braunfels whiplash injury attorneys will fight for justice for you.

What Are the Common Causes of Whiplash?

There are many types of accidents that can lead to whiplash injuries. According to the Mayo Clinic, the most common causes of whiplash include:

  • Auto accidentsRear-end crashes, in particular, are the top cause of whiplash injuries. If you have been hit by a negligent driver, our skilled car accident attorneys can help you pursue full and fair compensation for what you’ve been put through.
  • Physical abuse or assault ─ A person who has been abused, such as an elderly person in a nursing home, may suffer from whiplash if punched or shaken.
  • Sports ─ Physical contact in sports, such as tackling in football, can lead to serious whiplash and head injuries. If faulty sporting equipment or negligently maintained fields or courts led to the injury, you may be able to pursue compensation.

When you enlist the help of our skilled New Braunfels whiplash injury lawyers, we will thoroughly investigate the cause of your whiplash accident and identify every potentially liable party. Our goal is always to pursue the maximum compensation our injured clients deserve. Schedule a free case consultation now to learn more.

How Our Whiplash Attorneys Will Build a Strong Case for You

With more than two decades of experience helping accident victims recover full and fair whiplash settlements, our skilled attorneys have in-depth knowledge about how negotiations work in these types of cases. And if an insurance company fails to offer you the whiplash injury compensation you deserve, our dedicated team will take your whiplash injury lawsuit to court to demand justice.

After a serious accident, you can count on our New Braunfels whiplash injury attorneys to:

  • Take over all communication with insurance companies, health care providers, and the at-fault party so you can concentrate on healing
  • Investigate what caused your accident by gathering every bit of evidence, including tracking down police reports and getting witness statements
  • Identify every source of compensation that may be available to you so we can pursue the money you need to recover from your injuries
  • Meticulously document the ways in which this whiplash injury has affected you ─ financially, physically, and emotionally ─ to determine what full and fair compensation looks like in your case
  • Work with our large network of health care experts, financial planners, and accident reconstruction specialists to craft a solid case against the at-fault party

If you are coping with a whiplash injury due to someone else’s negligent or dangerous actions, don’t put off seeking legal advice. Every day you wait is another day that evidence fades and memories of the accident dull.

Schedule a free case evaluation with our New Braunfels whiplash injury lawyers now.

Contact Our New Braunfels Whiplash Injury Lawyers           

After a serious whiplash injury, you may be struggling to keep up with medical and household bills, especially if you have to take time off work. In addition, you may be avoiding the activities you once enjoyed due to ongoing pain.

Let our New Braunfels whiplash injury lawyers help you get your life back. We will fight for maximum compensation, which may include:

  • Payment for medical bills, including those you may incur in the future
  • Lost wages
  • Damage to your property, such as your vehicle
  • Payment for pain and suffering, both physical and emotional
  • Punitive damages, which can be awarded to punish the at-fault party for extreme misconduct

Schedule a free case consultation now to discuss how the whiplash lawyers at the Burch Law Firm can help you pursue the whiplash injury compensation you deserve.