New Braunfels Parking Lot Accidents

Where do lots of pedestrians and vehicles occupy the same space? Where are drivers frequently backing up, turning abruptly, and looking for directions or trying to locate businesses? Parking lots.

While not always thought of as inherently risky places, parking lots can be extremely dangerous because inattentive or aggressive drivers can quickly injure or even kill innocent pedestrians. Unfortunately, getting compensated for injuries after a parking lot accident is sometimes a bit different from other types of car accidents.

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Are Parking Lot Accidents Common?

There are tens of thousands of parking lot collisions each year, and this just accounts for reported collisions, according to the National Safety Council. Many parking lot accidents are never even reported to the authorities and no crash reports are filed. This is because parking lots are generally considered private property.

A large reason why so many crashes happen in parking lots is just the nature of shopping plazas and businesses that are set up to attract drive-by consumers. People are driving in and out of parking lots all day, searching for businesses, following signs and directions, trying to call friends who may already be inside the business. All these things add up to create a combined risk of injury.

Causes of Parking Lot Accidents

Although there are many different factors that can lead to a parking lot crash, there are some common causes. These include:

  • Drivers pulling forward out of a space
  • Drivers backing into each other
  • Drivers backing into a parked car
  • Drivers hitting pedestrians

Distracted, careless, and aggressive driving can all play a role in parking lot crashes. When you choose Burch Law Firm to handle your case, we will investigate the cause of your crash and collect all the necessary evidence to build a strong claim for compensation.

Common Injuries Resulting from Parking Lot Accidents

Broken bones – Fractures can be severe (femur, tibia, etc.) or even subtle (fingers, toes, etc.), but the fact remains that any time you suffer a broken bone, your body is forever changed. There’s a permanent and identifiable injury that will last forever. Sixty years after you break a bone, a radiologist will still be able to see the evidence on an X-ray. All fractures are serious injuries, and you deserve to be compensated when your injuries are caused by someone else’s negligence.

Back and spinal cord injuries – Spinal cord injuries are perhaps one of the most severe injuries a person can suffer because they often leave people with permanent paralysis and limitations. But even if the spinal cord is intact and undamaged, other back injuries can create terrible pain and agony, such as disc injuries and muscle strains.

Head and brain injuries – One common danger in parking lot accidents is the risk of falling to the ground and striking your head. A head impacting the ground or a stationary object like a vehicle can lead to traumatic brain injuries (TBI), concussion, or brain hemorrhages. Any time you lose consciousness, it is a very serious event.

Cuts and lacerations – Hard pavement, sharp metal, and any number of other structures in a parking lot can lead to skin tears, puncture wounds, deep lacerations, and heavy bleeding.

Whiplash – Just because a motor vehicle crash happens in a parking lot does not mean the vehicles were parking. Some reckless drivers travel upwards of 45 miles per hour through parking lots, so collisions can be every bit as serious and lead to whiplash and other common injuries.

Internal organ injuries – Crushing injuries and organ damage can also result, especially in cases involving collisions where the driver has backed over or struck a pedestrian.

Steps to Take After a Parking Lot Accident

There are several important things you can do after an accident in a parking lot. Following these steps will help you with your insurance claim and help protect your right to compensation.

  • Report the collision to the authorities. While sometimes the police will be less than enthusiastic to respond to a crash on private property, keep in mind that without a police report, it can be difficult to document the event or get accurate information from a responsible party.
  • Photograph everything. Take pictures of your injuries, vehicle damage, the other vehicle, and any landmarks or signs that could be useful in proving how the accident happened. If your injuries are too severe, ask someone else to do it for you.
  • Get medical treatment right away. Do not wait until weeks later when the pain is unbearable to seek treatment. Do not try to “tough it out.” Get to the hospital right away, and make sure that your injuries are properly assessed early. You may have more injuries than you realize, and you don’t want an insurance company trying to diminish your compensation by claiming you delayed medical care.
  • Hire an experienced car accident attorney. There is no substitute for competent and skilled legal counsel when dealing with an insurance company after a parking lot injury or accident.

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