What Car Accident Risks Do Older Drivers Face?

It’s no secret that Americans are getting older. Baby Boomers are starting to reach retirement age all across the United States, though many of them still live active lives in Texas. They have social lives, work and participate in a variety of recreational activities. In many cases, older people use cars as their primary mode of transportation to get from one place to another.

Older drivers, however, should understand that they face unique risks when driving on Texas’ roadways. In fact, the risk of being injured in a car accident increases as a person gets older. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on average 586 older adults are injured in car accidents every day throughout the United States. In 2012, more than 5,000 older adults were killed in serious car accidents. Additionally, 214,000 older adults were injured in vehicle crashes that same year.

There are some ways for older drivers to protect themselves on Texas’ roadways. One, older adults can make sure that they are fit to drive. They should ask their doctors to test their various sense to make sure that they are fit for the roadways. This can include having their eyes checked and wearing corrective lenses. It can also mean reviewing prescription medications.

Second, older adults can make sure to avoid driving in inclement weather and on difficult routes. By planning their route ahead of time, older adults can avoid confusion while driving. Driving during good weather and daylight can also decrease the chances of an accident.

It is also extremely important for older Americans to avoid distractions while driving. This includes talking, eating, loud radios and texting. Accidents can also be avoided by leaving plenty of space in between cars.

If an older adult is involved in a car accident, it could result in serious injuries both to the older driver and to anyone else in the accident. When this happens an attorney may be necessary. This blog post can only provide general information for readers; an attorney, however, can provide specific legal guidance after a person is hurt by a negligent driver.