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Bulverde is located about 30 miles north of San Antonio in the southwest portion of Comal County. This area of Texas has seen a significant amount of automobile accidents as development in the area has increased. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) reports that, in 2017 alone, Comal County was the site of:

  • 2,079 crashes
  • 541 suspected serious and non-incapacitating injuries
  • 17 deaths.

If you were severely injured, or if your loved one was killed in a car accident in Comal County, you will want to contact an experienced Bulverde auto accident attorney as soon as possible. Burch Law Firm has more than 25 years of experience with helping car accident victims and their families in South Central Texas. We can investigate your crash and pursue maximum compensation for you.

Our lawyers make themselves available to meet with you during evening or weekend appointments. We are also willing to come to your home or hospital if you cannot come to our office. Burch Law Firm employs more attorneys than support staff because we want to work directly with our clients.

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What You Should Do After a Car Accident in Bulverde?

Many people have no idea what steps to take following a car crash, but the immediate actions a person takes after an accident can have an enormous impact on their ability to recover full and fair compensation. If you are involved in a car accident in Bulverde or a surrounding community in Comal County, you will want to try to take the following steps:

1. Ensure the Safety of Everyone

  • Move vehicles off the road and out of traffic to a safe spot
  • Turn on the cars hazard light if able
  • Use a bright object to as a warning for other vehicles
  • See a doctor. Even if you don’t think you were hurt, you should still seek medical attention immediately after an accident. Not only do some injuries involve delayed symptoms, but insurance companies for negligent drivers will often claim that any delay in treatment is evidence that injuries are not as serious as claimed.
  • Collect all notes, photos and receipts. Try to keep notes of all medical professionals you are referred to. Save receipts for all purchases relating to your injuries such as medications. If possible, try to take as many pictures as possible of your crash scene, including photographs from different angles and distances.
  • Order a copy of the crash report. You will want to obtain the Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report (CR-3) relating to your accident. Depending on the agency that responded to your crash, you can learn how to purchase a crash report by visiting the Bulverde Police Department, Comal County Sheriff’s Office or TxDOT
  • Start a journal. Write down everything you recall about your accident and also keep track of progress made in your recovery. Journals can prove to be very helpful later on when important details may be harder to recall.
  • Report the accident to your own insurance company. Many insurers require policyholders to report crashes within a limited time frame. It is important to report an accident in a timely manner, as your insurance company could decline to provide coverage otherwise.
  • Do not speak to the other driver’s insurance company. The insurers for negligent drivers will often reach out to victims soon after accidents and try to pressure them into accepting settlements that are far less than what they are actually entitled to receive. Agents for these insurance companies are also hoping to get victims to make very damaging recorded statements that can hurt their ability to recover compensation. You should refuse to speak to any insurer until you have legal representation.

As soon as you are able, you should contact Burch Law Firm. We can deal with the other driver’s insurance company on your behalf and begin negotiating a settlement that covers all of your past and future needs.

How Can Our Lawyers Help You After an Auto Accident in Bulverde?

When a car crash victim is contacted by the other driver’s insurance company, a representative will often claim that the company wants to take care of the victim. In truth, all insurers are only concerned about paying as little as possible to resolve these types of claims—which is precisely why many agents encourage victims not to hire attorneys.

Burch Law Firm can provide several benefits for accident victims, including:

  • Conducting an independent investigation — Our firm can conduct its own investigation to determine the exact cause of your crash and also to identify all possible liable parties.
  • Calculating damages — Burch Law Firm will be able to determine all possible damages that may be available in your case, including medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and emotional distress.
  • Consulting with experts — Burch Law Firm can work with medical experts to better understand the severity of your injuries as well as crash reconstruction experts to provide important information relating to such factors as collision speed, steering angles and braking.
  • Negotiating a settlement — Burch Law Firm handles all negotiations with insurance companies on behalf of our clients. Once we know the value of your case, we will aggressively try to get an insurer to pay what it owes. If the insurance company is unwilling to provide adequate compensation, we will not hesitate to file a lawsuit and take your case to trial.
  • Tying up loose ends — Most car crashes create several other issues for victims, including issues with medical care providers, lien holders and several other assorted parties. Burch Law Firm helps clients handle these matters so they can focus on their recovery.

We believe that car crash victims in Bulverde will usually benefit from quickly retaining legal counsel because an attorney can ensure that the victim does not do anything that jeopardizes the case.

Types of Bulverde Car Accident Cases We Handle

No two car crashes are the same. Each accident involves its own unique set of factors and victims. So, at our firm, we believe that every crash deserves to be approached as being completely independent of broad assumptions. Burch Law Firm understands the importance of treating every accident differently. Some crashes may share common causes, but even then, there could be other contributing factors that impact how the case should be handled.

In general, some of the most frequent kinds of case our firm handles include:

It is important to understand that some crashes could technically be classified under multiple categories listed above. For example, an accident could be caused by a drunk driver who also happens to be uninsured.

Burch Law Firm appreciates the distinct nature of most car crashes and works tirelessly to collect all of the facts relating to specific accidents so all of the liable parties can be held accountable.

What Damages Can You Recover after a Bulverde Car Crash?

Burch Law Firm has successfully negotiated many large settlements on behalf of our clients. Our record of success includes:

  • $585,000 settlement for the family of a child who was killed by a motorist who was over-served at a bar in violation of the Texas Dram Shop Act.
  • $852,500 settlement for a business professional who suffered a broken arm and multiple fractures to his leg after a young driver fell asleep and caused a head-on collision.
  • $510,000 settlement for a housewife who was T-boned at an intersection after another driver ran a stop sign.

Again, keep in mind that every case is different. The damages you might receive will depend on the specific facts of your case.

Burch Law Firm will seek economic damages (tangible, calculable losses) such as medical expenses, lost wages and property damage. Additionally, we can pursue non-economic damages (subjective types of harm) like pain and suffering, disfigurement and emotional distress.

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