Facial Injuries

When a person sustains facial trauma, they may experience severe pain and significant harm to their appearance. Depending on the severity of the facial trauma and what the trauma is, a person could develop a number of other related health problems as well. Unfortunately, the initial trauma and its related issues can cause a person to suffer substantially.

Health Concerns Associated with Facial Trauma

An injury to the face can have severe consequences for the injured individual. Even after significant treatment, these injuries can still leave behind considerable pain or disability. In fact, the following problems may arise after a facial injury:

  • Pain or difficulty speaking or chewing after a mandible, or jaw, fracture.
  • Vision loss from trauma to the eye or an orbital blowout fracture.
  • Hearing loss from trauma to the ears.
  • Loss of the sense of smell from trauma to the nose.
  • Difficulty breathing through the nostrils after trauma to the nose.
  • Loss of the sense of taste due to tongue injuries.
  • Brain injuries due to frontal skull fractures.

These injuries can have long-term physical and emotional effects that may require ongoing follow-up care. Over time, this treatment can financially overwhelm a household. However, compensation may be available, should another person be at-fault for causing the trauma, to provide much-needed financial coverage for these expenses.

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