The Dangers of Road Rage and How to Prevent Car Accidents

When drivers in the Comal area get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they need to stay calm and collected. They need to focus their energy on paying attention to the road and avoiding an accident. However, all too often, drivers get emotionally invested in the actions of another driver. Another driver might have cut them off, for example, and that causes a driver to have a fit of rage.

Road rage can be dangerous for all people on the road. If drivers are not able to control their emotions, they may ignore traffic rules, engage in reckless driving or cause a car accident. In fact, a study by the AAA Foundation revealed that up to 56 percent of fatal car accidents have involved aggressive driving. A separate study showed that road rage was present in at least 12,610 injury cases over a seven year period. The dangers of road rage can be seen in a San Antonio accident highlighted on this blog. In that case, a passenger was killed when two drivers were involved in a road rage incident.

While road rage can be extremely dangerous, there are ways to avoid becoming a victim of road rage. First, people should follow traffic rules. Furthermore, people should avoid cutting off other drivers, tailgating or traveling too slowly on the roadways. By following these rules, drivers are less likely to offend others.

If a person is showing signs of having road rage, other drivers should do their best not to engage the angry driver. This includes giving the other driver a ample space on the roadway, avoiding eye contact and driving to get help. People should avoid going home or pulling over if they are being followed, but should instead call police or drive to a crowded area.

If a driver affected by road rage causes an accident, the damage can be severe. In these cases, car accident victims should seek legal help.