Recovering Economic Damages After a Car Accident

Just as the term implies, accidents are unexpected. Not only is a driver or passenger unsuspecting of a car accident, they are not prepared for the aftermath of the collision. When accidents victims in Texas and elsewhere in the nation are injured by a negligent driver, they are often aware of their rights to file a civil suit to recover damages. But what types of damages are available for accident victims?

Because the injuries and damages that result in a car crash often cause the injured party to incur expenses associated with the accident, economic recovery is sought after in a personal injury claim. The types of economic damages recovered in a civil action with depend on the experiences of the injured party during and after the incident.

If serious injuries were suffered in the crash, the victim could recover for disfigurement or deformation such as a scar or permanently disfigured body part. A victim could recover for the mental suffering endured by the awareness of this disfigurement. Next, if the injury was serious, the victim might be required to seek future medical treatment. Damages for future medical expenses are sought after in these experiences.

Other common types of economic damages recovered in a serious automobile collision are for medical expenses, mental anguish, lost wages, lost earning capacity, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of society and companionship, pain and suffering, permanent disability and special damages.

Following a car accident, accident victims could suffer greatly due to the injuries suffered and damages endured. Injured victims should understand their rights and legal remedies so they can timely file an action for compensation. This could help them offset the costs associated with the accident and alleviate the financial hardships it has caused.

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