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Electric Shock Burn Injury: $ 1,847,000.00 Settlement

Farm worker sustained serious burns to legs and chest when improperly used equipment came into contact with high voltage power lines.

After significant litigation over disputed liability involving depositions, expert reports and mediation, the case settled shortly before trial for $1,847,000.00. Attorney’s fees were $738,800.00 and case expenses including expert fees, totaled $17, 440.62. After payment of attorney’s fees, case expenses, a workers compensation lien, and the medical expenses owed at the time of settlement, our client’s net recovery totaled $953,283.38.

Head-On Collision Injuries: $852,500.00 Settlement

Business professional sustained a broken arm and multiple fractures to his leg as a result of a young driver falling asleep and causing a head-on collision on a farm road.

The case settled for $852,500.00 after extensive negotiation with multiple insurers and included a significant recovery for loss of earning capacity. Attorneys fees were $260,000.00 and case expenses totaled $1,150.47. After payment of attorney’s fees, case expenses, a Medicare lien, a health insurance lien, and the medical expenses owed at the time of settlement, our client’s net recovery totaled $587,426.65.

Trucker’s Injuries Sustained in Multiple Vehicle Collision: $716,666.67 Settlement

Truck driver sustained herniated disks in his neck after his northbound 18 wheeler was struck head-on by a vehicle that was rear-ended while waiting to turn left in the southbound lane of Loop 1604 in San Antonio.

Our client’s claim settled for $716,666.67 after hotly contested litigation, wherein the negligent driver repeatedly denied responsibility. Our firm retained an accident reconstruction expert and deposed multiple witnesses in order to prove our client’s case. We were also able to locate a company to finance our client’s neck surgery as he had no health insurance. Attorney’s fees totaled $286,666.66 and case expenses were $9,273.57.

Car Wreck Injuries: $510,000.00 Settlement
Active housewife was t-boned at an intersection in downtown New Braunfels after the defendant ran a stop sign. Our client sustained a serious lower back injury that required surgery. The case settled for $510,000.00. Attorney’s fees were $169,046.88 and reimbursable expenses totaled $953.12. Net recovery to our client after reimbursing her health insurer a negotiated amount from the liability settlement totaled $333,333.34.

T-Bone Collision Injuries to Pregnant Mother and Child: $300,100.00 Settlement

Pregnant woman sustained a ruptured uterus as a result of a vehicle striking her driver’s door while running a red light. After being transported by ambulance to the hospital, our client underwent an emergency cesarean section surgery resulting in the premature birth of her child. The child, although healthy, required an extensive stay in neonatal intensive care until the child’s lungs could function normally.

The claims of both the mother and child settled for a total of $300,100.00, representing all available insurance policy limits after extensive litigation where fault was hotly contested due to an inconclusive police report. Our firm was successful in obtaining statements from witnesses, including other drivers who witnessed the collision and employees of businesses at the busy Austin intersection where the crash occurred during our initial scene investigation, proving that the Defendant ran the red light. We also videotaped the light sequence at the intersection, proving that the collision could not have occurred as contended by the lawyers for the Defendant. It was very helpful that we were retained early on in order to secure the evidence necessary to prove our client’s case. The case settled for policy limits totaling $300,100.00. Attorney’s fees totaled $106,699.99 and case expenses were $1,543.33. After payment of a health insurance lien, our clients’ net recovery totaled $143,548.21.

Motorcycle Crash: $250,000.00 Settlement

Mike was involved in a multi-vehicle crash on IH 35 causing him to suffer a broken hip requiring surgery to repair. Attorney Troy Burch initially met with Mike in his home as he couldn’t travel due to his injury. We intervened in a case filed by another party that had suffered damages which effectively saved significant litigation expenses.

The case settled at mediation for $250,000.00. Attorneys fees were $83,333.33 and case expenses totaled $1,416.49. The net recovery to Mike was $140,484.72 after payment of attorneys fees, case expenses, and reimbursing health insurers $24, 765.36 for amount paid for his medical bills.

Underinsured Driver Collision Injuries: $177,500.00

Retired accountant sustained knee and elbow injuries that required surgery after being struck by a vehicle that crossed the center line on a San Antonio street. The other driver’s insurance company denied liability claiming that the investigating officer failed to find fault in the police report and that their insured said our client crossed the center line.

After extensive litigation, the negligent driver’s insurance company tendered its policy limit of $25,000.00 after we proved that the damage to our client’s vehicle could have only been caused by the other driver crossing the center line.  Due to the fact that the responsible driver’s insurance was inadequate to compensate our client for his damages, we made an underinsured motorist coverage claim on our client’s automobile insurance policy. We were able to recover an additional $152,500.00 from his insurance company for a total settlement amount of $177,500.00. Attorney’s fees were $60,000.00. Case expenses totaled $2,066.61. After payment of attorney’s fees, case expenses, a Medicare lien, a health insurance lien, and the medical expenses owed at the time of settlement, our client’s net recovery totaled $105,959.97.

Drunk Driving Car Accident: $49,916.02 Settlement

Drunk driver with no lights on collided with a vehicle occupied by father and son on the way back from a band performance. Our investigation of the drunk driver’s criminal background yielded information indicating a prior drunk driving incident also involving a collision just 9 months prior.

The father’s and son’s cases settled for a sum totaling $49,916.02. Attorney’s fees were $15, 666.66 and case expenses were $1,644.05. Our client’s net recovery after payment of attorney fees, case expenses and medical bills owed at the time of settlement totaled $32,469.73.

Hit & Run Car Wreck: $220,000.00 Settlement

Manuel was traveling home on IH35 in New Braunfels from his night shift. Suddenly two trucks racing down the highway at a high rate of speed attempted to pass Manuel’s car. Unfortunately, one of the trucks sideswiped Manuel’s car and left the scene. Fortunately, however, a witness noted the license plate number of the hit & run vehicle.

After being hired, Troy Burch was able to locate the owner of the vehicle, a car dealership near San Antonio. Despite initial claims that such vehicle was not involved, Troy Burch was able to prove that the vehicle was loaned to a local celebrity by the dealership and returned to the dealership with evidence of body work.

Manuel sustained an injury to his spine as a result of the collision that required surgery to correct.

After filing suit and taking multiple depositions, Manuel’s case settled for $220,000.00 Attorney’s fees totaled $73,333.33 and case expenses totaled $2,347.20. After payment of attorneys fees, case expenses and payment of $42, 923.19 for medical bills owed/health insurance liens, Manuel’s net recovery totaled $101,396.28

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