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When families lose a loved one due to medical mistake

In a recent post, this blog discussed the potential wrongful death suit being brought by the daughter of famed comedian Joan Rivers. In that case, Rivers died after complications during a medical procedure. As can be seen in Rivers' case, no one is immune to medical mistakes. When doctors fail to correctly do their jobs, people can get hurt or even killed.

Some of the most serious medical mistakes include operating on the wrong body part or even on the wrong patient. A surprising number of patients have been injured due to surgeons leaving medical equipment, such as sponges, inside the patient's body following an operation.

Joan Rivers' family prepares wrongful death suit

Every day Texas residents rely on doctors and medical staff to treat their ailments. People expect to receive treatment and feel better after seeing the doctor. People rely on the expertise of the doctor to appropriately diagnose and treat the problem. No one expects a doctor to make an error that could potentially kill them. However, fatal medical mistakes happen all the time and no one is truly safe.

According to reports, the late Joan Rivers was killed following a series of mistakes on behalf of a medical facility where she was supposed to be treated for a throat issue. The report -- conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services -- claims that the medical facility failed to appropriately monitor and recognize Rivers' condition throughout the medical procedure.

What is the Drug Supply Chain Security Act?

Every day, many Texas residents rely on prescription medications to keep them healthy. These medications are, in some cases, literally keeping people alive. Therefore, it's very important that these medications are the best quality possible. They should not be contaminated, poorly made or otherwise dangerous for consumers. However, all too often prescription drug recalls are necessary to take dangerous drugs off the market. Many people may wonder who such errors can be prevented.

In Nov. 2013, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act was signed by President Obama. This new law has facilitated the creation of various protections for prescription drugs. Over the next 10 years, companies have to create new ways to keep people safe from contaminated drugs. In particular, this law will require companies to have ways to verify the legitimacy of drugs that have been made overseas and shipped into the United States.

Hold drug companies liable for dangerous and contaminated drugs

In our last post, this blog discussed the Drug Supply Chain Security Act and how the act is supposed to help keep people safe from dangerous prescription drugs. Until the law is fully implemented, however, people are at risk of injuries from prescription drugs.

As Texas' population ages, more people will rely on prescription drugs to help keep them healthy. However, prescription drug companies are continuously trying to lower their bottom line. When costs are cut, services are outsourced or mistakes are made, people can get hurt. Products released to market are often not safe for consumption and lead to serious injuries or consumer death.

New Braunfels police arrest man in deadly car accident

A fatal car accident can be devastating to a New Braunfels family. Not only does the family suffer an emotional loss, but a financial one. Depending on the situation, people can be left wondering how they are going to pay their bills in the absence of their loved one. When the death is caused by a hit-and-runcar accident, the emotions can be even higher. There can be questions about why and how this accident happened and whether it could have been prevented.

Recently, a 42-year-old man was killed in what police described as a hit-and-run accident in New Braunfels. According to reports, witnesses called police about a man wandering in the middle of the road. Soon after, police received calls about a man lying in the South Seguin Ave. Firefighters responded to these calls and found the man unresponsive. Despite rescue efforts, the man died at the scene.

Facts about truck rollover accidents

Texas residents likely have experience driving in close proximity to large trucks. Semi-trucks and tractor trailers are an important part to the United States' economy. They help to cheaply distribute consumer goods and commodities among the states. Texas residents may also understand just how dangerous these large trucks can be when they are not driven or maintained properly. A number of serious accidents can be caused by driver negligence and by poorly maintained vehicles.

One serious type of truck accident is the rollover crash. According to data by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration approximately nine percent of truck crashes include a rollover where the truck overturns. These accidents can easily lead to serious injuries and fatalities for truck drivers and others on Texas' roadways.

Are there two types of court cases following a wrongful death?

When a family member is killed in an accident it can be devastating. People may not know where to turn or how to deal with their grief or the financial responsibilities that they suddenly acquired. In these cases, people can easily be overwhelmed with the amount of decisions that they need to make. In addition to the personal burdens that they face, legal challenges can also arise.

In particular, people may learn that a legal case has been brought against the responsible party and wonder what this means. Following a fatal accident, there can be two different types of cases that can be filed against a responsible party in some circumstances.

Let us help you after a dangerous dog bite

Many people consider dogs to be harmless, domesticated animals, and in many cases, they are. However, certain situations may arise when a pet turns aggressive. Dog bites can cause serious emotional and physical wounds that take time, energy and money to heal. As this blog explained in a series of recent posts, dog owners are responsible for damages that their animals cause.

According to the Center for Disease Control, each year dogs bite around 350,000 people. Many of these victims are helpless children. Even small bites and scratches can become serious medical situations if they succumb to infection. For this reason, dog owners need to take care to properly restrain and control their animals around others -- or pay for the consequences.

Property owners are responsible for dangerous dogs

While many people think of their pets as a member of their family, under Texas law animals are property. Therefore, just like other types of property, property owners are responsible for ensuring that their property doesn't injure other people. Dog bites, in particular, can cause serious emotional and physical damage to victims as we explained in a recent blog post.

Dog owners and dog bite victims should both understand that a dog's owner is responsible for damage caused by the dog -- especially for dogs that fall under the "dangerous dog" designation.

Texas dog owner pays dog bite victims more than $11,000

People love their dogs. In some cases, people treat their dogs like family members and want to take the dogs everywhere with them. For well-behaved dogs, society has made accommodations and dogs are often allowed in public places -- and are frequently seen in coffee shops, offices and restaurant patios. However, when these dogs cause harm, dog owners will be held responsible.

According to reports, a justice of the peace in Texas has been held responsible for damage done by his dog. Reports claim that the man brought his dog -- a Maltese -- to work with him. While at work in December 2011, the dog apparently bit another employee in the thigh after the other man had entered the justice's office. That man's leg got infected from the dog bite. The justice had to pay the county $1,600 as a reimbursement for the workers' compensation claims that it had to pay to the first dog bite victim.

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