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What is the "no-zone" for truck accidents

Drivers in the Comal area know that large commercial vehicles are commonplace on Texas' roads. Even on smaller local roads and county highways, semi-trucks and box trucks are not uncommon. These large vehicles can wreak havoc on a car during a truck accident.

A truck accident can leave victims with serious property damage and severe injuries. Fatal injuries are also a possibility. To be as safe as possible around trucks, Texas residents need to understand how to avoid an accident around large trucks. One way to do that is to stay out of a truck's "no-zone."

Holding aggressive drivers responsible for car accidents

This blog has discussed the dangers of aggressive driving in a few different posts. From those posts, people likely understand just how dangerous reckless driving can be for the angry driver and for those around the reckless person. Nobody on the road is safe when a person is driving with road rage. This anger can cloud a person's judgment and lead to very serious accidents.

When this occurs, there is no telling how badly people can be hurt. While some accidents might be minor, others may lead to death or serious injury. The victim of an aggressive driver may be looking at months or years of rehabilitation to get back to where the person was before the accident. Medical expenses, therapy costs, lost wages and other considerations can weigh heavily on victims. These people may not know where to turn when these unexpected financial burdens become too much.

The dangers of road rage and how to prevent car accidents

When drivers in the Comal area get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they need to stay calm and collected. They need to focus their energy on paying attention to the road and avoiding an accident. However, all too often, drivers get emotionally invested in the actions of another driver. Another driver might have cut them off, for example, and that causes a driver to have a fit of rage.

Road rage can be dangerous for all people on the road. If drivers are not able to control their emotions, they may ignore traffic rules, engage in reckless driving or cause a car accident. In fact, a study by the AAA Foundation revealed that up to 56 percent of fatal car accidents have involved aggressive driving. A separate study showed that road rage was present in at least 12,610 injury cases over a seven year period. The dangers of road rage can be seen in a San Antonio accident highlighted on this blog. In that case, a passenger was killed when two drivers were involved in a road rage incident.

Road rage likely causes deadly Texas car accident

The roadways are filled with drivers that are not paying attention to the road. While some people are thinking about work or school, others may be worried about what's for dinner or busy texting with a friend. In any case, drivers who divert their attention from the road are dangerous. Equally dangerous are drivers that allow their emotions to get the best of them. Drivers who allow their anger to take over can make rash and dangerous decisions, putting other people's safety at risk.

Recently, a deadly accident in San Antonio has been blamed on road rage. According to reports, two cars were engaged in some road rage event on West Military Drive near Selfridge and Luke boulevards. The car accident happened around 5:30 a.m. and both cars were speeding.

When can you bring a products liability suit?

Every day, Texas residents rely on companies and corporations to keep them safe. People don't do this by expecting actual physical protection, but they do this by trusting that the products that companies make are safe. By using a particular product, for example, people think that the product isn't going to cause injuries or death.

However, sometimes this trust in companies is misplaced. Many companies produce unsafe products that result in serious injuries or in consumer death. When this occurs, you may have the right to bring a products liability suit. This suit can help to cover the expenses that arise because of an accident. These expenses can include medical expenses, funeral costs, pain and suffering and lost wages.

Accident kills 2 in Texas

Recently in Weimar, Texas, two people lost their lives in a traffic accident. This accident highlights just how dangerous highway travel can be in Texas when drivers are not paying attention.

According to reports, a flatbed truck and a commercial bus were traveling on Interstate 10 in Weimar when the accident occurred. Construction on the interstate had apparently caused traffic to slow. The flatbed truck was ahead of the bus and stopped because of the traffic jam. The Texas Department of Public Safety is still investigating the accident to determine exactly how it occurred. But, the bus driver apparently failed to realize that the traffic ahead of the bus was stopped and smashed into the back of the flatbed truck.

Children's products and the CPSIA

When parents hand their children a toy, they expect that toy will be safe for the child to use. In many cases, this is true. Children's toys are usually designed to safely educate and entertain children from infancy through their childhood. However, these toys are not just safe because a child is going to be using them. Federal regulations require that children's products be safe for children to use.

In particular, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act regulates the production of certain "children's products" sold in the United States. Children's products generally include those products intended for children ages 12-years-old and under. Under the CPSIA, these products must meet four qualifications.

Children should be safe while they play

There are very few times in a person's life that are as carefree as childhood. Ideally, children should be able to spend their days learning, playing and growing. They don't have to feel the pressures of adulthood or worry about the potential dangers around them. Instead, parents shoulder these burdens. Parents are supposed to understand when a situation is too dangerous for a child or when extra precautions need to be taken.

However, there are some things that parents just feel more comfortable with than others. Children's toys, for example, are supposed to be made for children and designed to be safe. When people give their children toys they expect that the toys are safe for the children to use. Parents may not even think about the potential dangers involved.

Should people in Comal avoid tanning beds?

With summer right around the corner, many Texas residents may be looking for the best way to get a jumpstart on their summer tan. In order to do so, many people will turn to a tanning bed. These beds give off doses of UV light to help imitate the effects of the sun. While many people enjoy the occasional tanning bed use, others may wonder, are tanning beds safe for consumer use?

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, tanning beds should be approached with caution. These beds can cause serious health effects and can increase a person's risk for cancer and other serious health problems. In particular, teens and children should be discouraged from using these potentially dangerous products.

Drivers in Comal should heed all traffic signs and signals

Driving a car in Texas is a big responsibility. People need to understand the rules of the road, how to operate their vehicle and how to identify other potentially dangerous drivers. Additionally, drivers need to keep their full attention on driving thereby avoiding distractions like texting and driving, eating or socializing. When drivers don't do all of these things, serious car accidents can occur.

One of the most serious types of car accidents occur when people driver through red lights. Red signals are supposed to tell drivers to stop and wait. According to the Federal Highway Administration, 93 percent of drivers agree that stopping at a red light is important. However, research shows that as many as one in three drivers have driven through a red light in the past month. In urban areas, a driver runs a red light every 20 minutes.

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