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New Braunfels Personal Injury Law Blog

Truck accident causes minor injuries in New Braunfels

Recently in New Braunfels, Texas, a truck accident occurred. In this case, a semi-truck hit a smaller car on Interstate 35. According to reports, the accident occurred just past FM 306 on I-35 at 5:00 p.m. Reports claim that the truck hit the side of the smaller car and trapped it against a retaining wall. The truck's trailer was cut open during the wreck -- causing hundreds of reams of paper to escape the truck.

As a result of the collision, the truck driver and the driver of the passenger car both suffered from minor injuries. They were both taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Residents file product liability suit for defective dry wall

Texas residents hope that the products they purchase are safe to use. They don't often purchase something thinking that it could cause them serious harm. However, many companies fail to live up to people's expectations and make products that cause severe injuries to consumers.

In these cases, product liability suits can help consumers recover from injuries caused by the defective products. These civil suits hold companies accountable for the dangerous situation they have put people in.

When must you file a premises liability suit in Texas?

Accidents are a part of life. When an accident occurs on another person's property, people can be left dealing with serious injuries. These injuries can require life-saving medical treatment. They can keep people away from their jobs for months or even years. The bottom line is, these injuries cost money. Money that you may not have after an accident.

Premises liability laws allow people to collect compensation from negligent property owners. By filing a premises liability suit, people can get the money they need to cover lost wages and pay for medical expenses.

Fatal car accident in New Braunfels kills 1

A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye. A driver just needs to take his or her attention off the road for a short time to cause serious damage. When the accident occurs between a pedestrian and a car, the consequences can be deadly.

Recently in New Braunfels, a man was killed in a car accident. The 45-year-old man had been crossing the street near some apartment buildings on Business 35 when he was hit by a 2003 Ford F-150 pickup truck, which was being operated by a 36-year-old man. The accident happened around 10:00 p.m.

How much rest do truck drivers need under federal regulations?

In a recent post, this blog covered a story about an overnight truck accident. In that case, seven people in Texas were injured when a semi-truck crashed through a median. Unfortunately, overnight truck accidents, like this one, are not uncommon. Many of these accidents are caused by truck driver fatigue. Therefore, federal trucking regulations have been enacted that require truck drivers to get certain amounts of rest.

These hours of service rules dictate how much rest a driver has to have and defines the maximum number of hours that a particular driver can work per week. These rules apply to drivers who operate a commercial motor vehicle. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a truck driver's workday cannot exceed 14 hours. Furthermore, driver cannot be behind the wheel more than 11 hours in one day.

Texas company issues product recall

Product recalls are alarming to many Texas residents. People want to think that the products they buy are safe for them and their families to use. However, this isn't always the case, and some consumer products can cause serious harm to Texas residents.

In a recent case, 475 pounds of ready-to-eat products distributed from a Texas company, Great American Marketing, have had to be recalled. According to reports, the products -- which include chicken Caesar wraps, club wraps, turkey sandwiches and ham sandwiches -- have potentially been infected with listeria. Listeria can cause a dangerous illness. These products have been shipped to various retail outlets throughout Texas.

Multi-vehicle accident with two semis hospitalizes 7

Trucks are a frequent sight on the roads of Comal. Not only do they provide jobs, but they bring supplies and good back and forth across the country. That, however, doesn't diminish the fact that truck accidents can cause major damage to property, injuries to drivers and even death. The sheer size of the truck makes an 18-wheeler accident very dangerous.

In an overnight crash, an 18-wheeler heading south crashed through the barrier separating southbound and northbound lanes. While on the other side of the road, it hit another 18-wheeler and then a Ford pickup. The first 18-wheeler caught fire and the driver was airlifted to the hospital. Five people, including two children, from the pickup were hospitalized. The driver of the second truck was stuck in his cab and rescue personnel had to free him. He too was flown to the hospital. An investigation is ongoing to determine why the driver of the first truck drove through the barrier and onto the other side of the road.

Woman, 18, killed in fatal truck accident

In Comal, the loss of a loved one in an accident is one of the worst experiences imaginable. These accidents can happen for a multitude of reasons while working, driving or simply running an errand. A frequent cause of wrongful death is a motor vehicle crash. With the vast number of trucks on the road and their massive size, these crashes often end in a fatal truck accident.

A recent accident between a passenger car and an 18-wheeler in Lufkin, Texas led to the death of an 18-year-old female driver of the car. She was driving through an intersection when the 18-wheeler crashed into her car. She was thrown from the vehicle and died as the car was trapped underneath the truck. The truck was driving through the intersection legally, however, a road sign that was supposed to be at the intersection warning drivers coming from the direction of the car had been knocked down. The driver had recently graduated from high school and was preparing for her freshman year in college.

Three-car collision sends several people to the hospital

For drivers in Comal, being helpful can sometimes lead to unintended consequences. An unforeseen set of circumstances can sometimes lead to a car collision with serious injury. Car accidents and their resulting injuries can permanently alter lives.

Several people were hospitalized after a three-car collision that included a rollover. The accident occurred shortly before 10 p.m. when a Chevy pickup truck was pushing another vehicle that had run out of gas. As the truck was pushing the other vehicle, a General Motors Sonic rear-ended the truck. The truck flew into the air and landed upside-down. Significant damage was sustained to the front of the Sonic and back of the vehicle that ran out of gas. It is unknown how severe the injuries are, but a passenger riding in the Sonic has injuries that could be life-threatening.

Fatal car crash claims life of local actor

While most Comal drivers are cautious and obey the rules of the road, there is always a chance that a fatal accident can occur without warning. Whenever a family deals with the loss of a loved one, it is a difficult situation to get past. When it happens in a fatal car crash, the personal and economic losses are often more than they can bear. In circumstances such as these, one of the few options they have is to file a wrongful death claim to be compensated for damages.

A 27-year-old former actor in a dinner theater troupe died in a fatal car crash. The accident occurred shortly after 4 a.m. when another vehicle crashed into his vehicle. When rescue personnel arrived, the man was trapped in his car and he didn't respond to them. He was extricated and later died. The driver of the other vehicle was hospitalized in stable condition. A passenger was taken to the hospital via helicopter in serious condition.

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