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Let us help you after a dangerous dog bite

Many people consider dogs to be harmless, domesticated animals, and in many cases, they are. However, certain situations may arise when a pet turns aggressive. Dog bites can cause serious emotional and physical wounds that take time, energy and money to heal. As this blog explained in a series of recent posts, dog owners are responsible for damages that their animals cause.

According to the Center for Disease Control, each year dogs bite around 350,000 people. Many of these victims are helpless children. Even small bites and scratches can become serious medical situations if they succumb to infection. For this reason, dog owners need to take care to properly restrain and control their animals around others -- or pay for the consequences.

Property owners are responsible for dangerous dogs

While many people think of their pets as a member of their family, under Texas law animals are property. Therefore, just like other types of property, property owners are responsible for ensuring that their property doesn't injure other people. Dog bites, in particular, can cause serious emotional and physical damage to victims as we explained in a recent blog post.

Dog owners and dog bite victims should both understand that a dog's owner is responsible for damage caused by the dog -- especially for dogs that fall under the "dangerous dog" designation.

Texas dog owner pays dog bite victims more than $11,000

People love their dogs. In some cases, people treat their dogs like family members and want to take the dogs everywhere with them. For well-behaved dogs, society has made accommodations and dogs are often allowed in public places -- and are frequently seen in coffee shops, offices and restaurant patios. However, when these dogs cause harm, dog owners will be held responsible.

According to reports, a justice of the peace in Texas has been held responsible for damage done by his dog. Reports claim that the man brought his dog -- a Maltese -- to work with him. While at work in December 2011, the dog apparently bit another employee in the thigh after the other man had entered the justice's office. That man's leg got infected from the dog bite. The justice had to pay the county $1,600 as a reimbursement for the workers' compensation claims that it had to pay to the first dog bite victim.

Several injured in car accident at a Texas intersection

As annoying as traffic rules can be when a person is in a hurry, they exist to keep everyone on the roads safe. Without traffic rules -- like stop signs, red lights and speed limits -- people would constantly be put at risk while on the road. Despite the rules, many drivers fail to follow them and car accident ensue. These accidents easily lead to serious and life-threating injuries.

Recently, in San Antonio several people were injured when two cars crashed. In this case, a Jeep and a minivan collided in an intersection on the north side of the city. While reports were not clear about how the accident occurred or which driver was at fault, several people were injured in the car accident.

Do people in Texas have to stop following a car accident?

Car accidents happen every day in Texas. When they occur, people may not actually understand all their rights and responsibilities. In some cases, people may think that they don't even have to worry about stopping following an accident, or they may flee in order to avoid civil or criminal liability.

However, under section 550.021 of the Texas code, vehicles are required to stop following an accident that involves personal injury. Under that section, the person that was operating a car has the duty to return to the accident scene -- or as close to the scene as possible -- if a person was hurt in the accident. Additionally, the operator of the car has a duty to render aid to anyone hurt in the accident. If people fail to fulfil these duties and someone else dies or is seriously hurt, the driver can face felony charges and a fine up to $5,000.

Don't suffer from an injury caused by a dangerous product

For the past 24 years, our firm has been working with Texas residents who have been hurt by dangerous products. As we have mentioned in other posts on this blog, companies have a duty to keep consumers safe from harm. Companies cannot manufacture dangerous products that can hurt people without warning. In fact, they can be held legally responsible when a product defect results in injury.

Manufacturing and design defects are all too common and can leave people with serious injuries and financial damages. In these cases, people can suffer from emotional and physical damage. Our firm understands how common these types of injuries are, especially with childcare products and with automobiles. We also know how to protect your rights.

Dangerous products and consumer warnings

While Texas consumers would like to think that all consumer products are safe, many come with inherent risks of injury. It is hard to make a power tool completely safe, for example. However, in these cases, there are correct ways to use the product in order to reduce or eliminate the risk of injury to consumers. In some cases, the danger and correct use may not be obvious to consumers and a warning is necessary.

Under product liability laws, companies must provide a warning to consumers in some cases. If a product has a danger that is present during normal use of the product that the company knows about but is not obvious to a consumer, then the company is required to include a warning with the product. If no warning is given, then the company can be held liable for injuries that result from the use of that product.

Can truck drivers use alcohol when on the job?

Trucks are large and powerful machines that can cause a lot of damage in an accident. Despite the dangers of trucks, they are allowed on Texas roadways because they are so important to the local, state and national economies. Trucks help cheaply haul goods to and from Texas so that consumers can get things that they need. However in order to mitigate the risk of accidents involving semi-trucks and tractor-trailers, the federal government has passed numerous regulations that control truck driver and truck company behavior. These laws are meant to keep others safe while allowing the economy to flourish.

One truck driver behavior that people may be interested in is the restrictions on drinking and driving. Texas residents likely understand the dangers of drunk driving and that they can be exacerbated when a large truck is involved.

Traffic deaths on the rise in Texas as oil industry booms

Since 2008, the oil industry in Texas has been booming. This economic development has led to an increase in the number of trucks and other large vehicles on the roadways in Texas. However, many of these large trucks and cars are not driven safely. Between time pressures, mechanical problems and unqualified or intoxicated drivers, traffic deaths are increasing in Texas.

According to a recent report, traffic deaths increased by eight percent between 2009 and 2013, despite the fact that fatalities were down nationwide. During that same times, fatal truck accidents involving commercial drivers increased by 51 percent. Additionally, the Texas Department of Public Safety has conducted random checks of trucks on the roadways and has found that up to 30 percent of these commercial vehicles should not be on the roadways.

Homeowners and premises liability law

Texas homeowners often buy land for their own use and enjoyment. Purchasing a home is often a big step in a person's life and can be a prudent investment. However, few people think about the responsibility that comes along with homeownership. Texas residents should understand that they can be held responsible if someone else is hurt on their property.

When homeowners are not careful, people can get hurt on their property. A slip-and-fall accident, inadequate lighting or other dangerous property condition can easily lead to serious injuries for others. If someone is hurt as a result of an accident at someone else's home, then that person may be entitled to compensation.

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