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What are the different types of driving distractions for drivers?

Texas drivers understand that there are various dangers and risks on the roadways. It is also understood that when a driver is behind the wheel of a vehicle, the person owes a certain duty of care to other drivers, passengers and pedestrians on or near the roadway they are traveling on. Failure to do so could result in a serious car crash. One common danger on the road is distracted driving and could come in various forms.

What are the different types of driving distractions for drivers? Distracted driving is defined as doing another activity while driving a vehicle that takes the attention of the driver away from driving. This is very dangerous and could occur in three different ways.

Texas-based company issues recall on some H-E-B tortilla products

Whether Texas residents go to the grocery store on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, there are many necessities that individuals and family with purchase. These goods are purchased with the intention to use them in the way they were designed or manufactured to do so, and in most cases, items at the grocery store will be consumed. When there has been a defect or error in the making of an edible good or produce is contaminated, sellers and distributers will often issues a recall on this now dangerous product.

Recently H-E-B, a Texas-based company, issues a voluntary recall after they discovered the possible presence of foreign material in the H-E-B Homestyle White Corn Tortillas. This issue was uncovered during a recent quality assurance product review at the manufacturing facility.

Cell phone ordinances in Texas addressing distracted driving

Nowadays, it is very uncommon for drivers in Texas to not own a cell phone. While not all drivers use their phones while driving, those who do are increasing their chances of being involved in a car accident. Distracted driving in a major concern in the state of Texas and other states across the nation, which is why that state has devised a specific cell phone ordinance in order to eliminate crashes caused by cell phone usage such as texting and driving.

According to recent reports, one in every five automobile collision involves some form of driver distraction. Whether a driver is holding their phone or using a hands-free device, drivers who use a cell phone while driving are at a much higher risk of being involved in a collision.

Understanding the common causes of truck crashes

Drivers in Texas often encounter large trucks on the roadways. Whether they are making a shipment across the country, state or town, semi trucks and tractor-trailers can cause serious and even fatal truck accidents. A negligent truck driver or negligent trucking company can be the cause of a crash, and victims and their loved ones are often seriously impacted by the crash.

Because truck accidents can have grave results, it is important to understand the common causes of these types of crashes. This does not only help in the investigation process but can also benefit the victims if they seek to file a civil action.

Texas company recalls hummus due to peanut contamination

Everyday, residents in Texas purchase goods from stores, retailers and manufacturers. With regards to edible goods, consumers could face dangers and risks if a food item is contaminated or deemed a dangerous product. In these matters, the food product is recalled, but this step does not always protect against or prevent consumer injury. When a product recall occurs, it is important to understand the potential risks and injures that could result as well as understanding the cause and liability associated with the incident.

Texas company Zilks Foods recently recalled a hummus product that is sold nationwide. According to reports, their product could contain peanuts and this is undeclared on the product. The product recall was initiated after it was discovered a spice ingredient that is used from a single supplier was contaminated with peanut allergens.

What conditions lead to outside slip and fall accidents?

When Texas residents are walking outside, there are various dangers they could encounter that could lead to a fall. Slip and fall accidents are based on various conditions that could be present due to a negligent property owner. When this occurs, it is important to fully investigate the incident so liability could be assigned to the party at fault and the fall victim could recover for the losses and damages caused by the slip and fall.

The most common causes include inadequate outdoor lighting, cracked parking lots and poorly maintained sidewalks. In all of these matters, property owners due owe the duty to provide a safe condition for visitors. Failure to do so could result in a slip and fall and the property owner becoming liable for the accident and the resulting injuries and damages.

How is technology making cars safer?

Car accidents are often the product of driver negligence. In many cases, distracted drivers and the use of technology are to blame. Texas residents get so wrapped up in their smart phones, GPS systems and other gadgets that they cannot keep their focus on the road. While technology has caused some accidents, it is also being used to keep people safer in cars. Like many areas of people's lives, technology is constantly being improved to ensure that driving in a car is as safe as possible.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has defined many safety features that must be present in cars in order for them to get a positive safety rating. These include a lane departure warning, electronic stability control and forward collision warning. A lane departure warning tells drivers when they may be unintentionally drifting to another lane, while a forward collision warning tells drivers if there is a possibility of an impending forward crash. Electronic stability control, on the other hand, helps to keep the vehicle stable.

Car accidents and insurance companies

When a car accident occurs in Texas people can be left dealing with a range of emotions. In cases of serious wrecks, people may have injuries they are trying to heal from, property damage and emotional scars. People may be wondering why the accident occurred, and why it had to occur to them. And, they may be dealing with the financial difficulties that often accompany these types of accidents.

In many cases, people want to turn to an insurance company to help them following an accident. However, Texas residents must keep in mind that insurance companies are businesses. They are not under any duty to help people, but are looking out for their own bottom line. When it comes to dealing with insurance companies after an accident, people should keep several things in mind.

What are the most common workplace hazards?

In a recent blog post, we highlighted the story of several Texas workers who were killed at work. In that case, the workers were trapped after a fire broke out. Rescue workers were not able to remove the workers quick enough and, sadly, they died. This story may leave some wondering -- what are some common workplace hazards that can lead to fatalities?

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, several different types of hazards are frequently cited workplace safety regulation violations. These violations can easily lead to worker injury and death. In fact, more than 4,400 workers in the United States were killed in 2013. Latino workers -- like those in the recent case -- are particularly at risk.

Family wants answers about fatal workplace accident

Texas workers often put themselves at risk in order to complete their job. In many cases, there are precautions in place that protect these workers from serious harm. However, in some situations, workplace accident occur that lead to the death or serious injury of these workers. In these cases, the families of the workers can be left reeling and unsure about where to turn.

Recently, three workers in Texas were killed after being trapped in a tank in the basement of a skyscraper. According to reports, the men were working in the 35-foot deep tank as part of the renovations that are being done in the building. While the exact cause of the accident is unknown, reportedly a fire caused an explosion which burned through controls for a lift into the tank.

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