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Do public pools have safety requirements?

Recently, this blog tackled the topic of drowning. As explained in that blog post, many people are killed each year when they drown in public and private pools, lakes and other bodies of water. Of these victims, many are young children who are unable to swim or who are poorly supervised.

After seeing these statistics, you may be wondering if public pools need to take precautions to prevent drowning. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says that federal law does mandate some protections against public pool users. Under the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act pools must take certain precautions to prevent drowning caused by pool drain systems.

Drunk drivers should be held accountable for damages

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is never acceptable. People who choose to drink and drive put their own lives at risk as well as the lives of others. In many cases, these reckless drivers are responsible for injuries to others when they cause car accidents. In these situations, innocent Texans are left dealing with the massive turmoil that accompanies a serious car accident.

In these cases, drunk drivers can be held responsible for their actions. Their mistake should not affect accident victims financially. Yet, it can. Without taking the right action, drunk driving accident victims can face serious medical expenses, lost wages, property damage and more. In some cases, people can even have lost their lives.

Identifying drunk drivers on Texas roadways

There are many different ways that a car accident can occur in Texas. When a driver is negligent, that driver is not acting as a reasonable driver would under the same circumstances. This could include driving while distracted, not following traffic rules or otherwise acting recklessly. However, in many situations, this means that a driver has been drinking. Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous and accounts for many car accidents. In general, one person dies in a drunk driving accident every hour in the United States.

These statistics are sobering for many. They also make it extremely important that Texas residents are able to recognize the signs of a drunk driver. By recognizing the signs of a person that is driving under the influence, people can alert the authorities and hopefully avoid a serious car accident.

What causes unintentional drowning?

Texas is known for its long, hot summers. As spring heats up, many people will start retreating to swimming pools, lakes and rivers in order to cool off. While these recreational activities can be a lot of fun for Texas residents, they can also be dangerous, especially for young children. Unintentional drowning is common -- at least 10 people die every day from it. Of these people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, two are children.

Hearing these statistics can be scary. People may ask -- what causes unintentional drowning? It is important to understand the causes so that these dangerous injuries can be prevented.

Taking swift action to hold truck drivers liable

On many occasions, this blog has discussed the dangers of large commercial trucks. These vehicles have the capacity to cause serious and deadly accidents at virtually any moment. Not only are these vehicles large, but they can carry hazardous materials that increase the risks in an accident. Truck drivers are also under immense pressure to get to a destination an unreasonably quick pace. Despite laws that are in place to regulate the amount of time truck drivers are behind the wheel, many drivers are still tired and distracted.

In fact, the pressure of delivering goods on time can lead drivers to try to multi-task on the job. This could include checking email, social media sites or talking on the phone. While the dangers of these activities are well known, driver distraction could also be as simple as eating, shaving or adjusting a GPS device. In any case, a distracted truck driver is a dangerous truck driver.

Responding to property damage after a car accident

A car accident can be a scary occurrence. People can be driving and have their whole life change in just a matter of seconds. The aftermath of an accident can be particularly difficult. People may not know exactly how to respond or what they should do. They may be dealing with serious personal injuries, massive property damage or both.

While a person's physical health should always be the number one priority, many people are concerned about their property damage. A person's car can be extremely important. For many people, their car is a complete necessity to get to and from work and other obligations. If a car is damaged, especially because of the negligence of another, people can face hardship.

Suspected drunk driver causes chain reaction car accident

A drunk driver can change the course of so many people's lives in a matter of minutes. With one wrong move, a drunk driver can start a chain reaction car accident that effects innocent people just trying to drive on area roads.

Recently, such an accident occurred in Comal County. According to reports, a Jeep -- with a suspected drunk driver -- was driving east on Farm-to-Market Road 306 around 7:00 p.m. one evening. Reports say that the Jeep's driver apparently drifted into the westbound lanes. At this point, the Jeep hit a Chevy Cobalt. Inside the Cobalt was a driver and two passenger.

Are truck drivers allowed to transport hazardous materials?

In a recent blog post, this blog discussed, the size regulations for trucks in Texas. According to Texas laws, trucks can only be a certain size before they need a permit. This permit helps to ensure that the larger trucks are safe for everyone as they drive in Texas. However, Texas residents should know that truck size is not the only thing that a truck driver may need a permit for. Trucks may also need a permit for the goods they are carrying.

Trucks in Texas carry a variety of raw materials and consumer goods to and from the state. While some trucks may carry the mail, others carry food, clothing or gas. While these products are important, it is unlikely that they pose some threat to consumers in a truck accident. Hazardous materials, on the other hand, can pose a threat -- accident or no accident.

What are the size limits for a truck in Texas?

Most people understand that semi-trucks and tractor trailers are very large vehicles. However, with the size and weight of these vehicles comes safety concerns. If these large vehicles cause an accident, people in smaller vehicles can easily be killed. In an effort to reduce the risk of injuries because of vehicles that are too large, Texas regulates the size of vehicles allowed on the roadways. The state of Texas also issues permits for large vehicles to ensure that they are safe.

However, some vehicles break these permit rules and cause issues. This was seen in a recent case highlighted on this blog. In that case, a person was killed when an oversized truck was traveling on a bridge. The truck's large size caused an accident and led to both injuries and a death.

Oversized truck causes fatal Texas accident

Trucks can frequently be seen on Texas' roadways. These large vehicles are an important part of the state's economy. However, extra precautions must be taken around trucks in order to ensure that people are not injured. This includes regulating truck driver behavior and the trucks themselves. These regulations are generally enforced by the state or federal agencies, but are often broken.

Recently, ignoring Texas regulations about the size of a truck has led to multiple injuries and a fatality. According to reports, a truck driver was driving a semi-truck carrying an oversized load without a permit. He was traveling over a bridge on Interstate 35 in Salado when the truck's load caught on the bridge's beam.

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