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Dangerous products and Texas' Tier Two Reports

Texas residents would like to think that every product made was safe for them to use. People don't like to think about the possibility that some products can cause injuries or serious illnesses. The sad reality is, however, that many of the products in Texas' stores can cause harm.

In an effort to warn people about the potential effects of dangerous products, Texas has enacted reporting laws for certain consumer products. These laws require manufacturers to file information about dangerous products. One such mandatory report is a Tier Two report.

Lawsuits claim that weed killer is dangerous for consumers

People in Texas come across chemicals all the time. Sometimes, they encounter these chemicals at their jobs, or they may use them in the home. When they are store-bought, people often assume that they are safe to use. People don't expect their cleaning products, for example, to give them cancer.

However this trust may be misplaced, as a recent lawsuit shows. According to reports, a series of former farmhands have sued agricultural giant Monsanto over the chemicals in the company's herbicide products. Specifically, the suits claim that the company's Roundup weed killer causes cancer.

What is a crumple zone?

As this blog has discussed in the past, motor vehicles are supposed to be designed to keep occupants safe. Most cars and trucks are equipped with safety features to ensure that people have the best chance at avoiding injuries should a car accident occur. In many cases, these safety features are even mandated by federal law.

One safety feature found on most cars and trucks is the crumple zone. A crumple zone is a feature that is built into cars to help keep the force of an accident from reaching the passengers. This zone is supposed o distribute the force of the accident. It also helps to reduce to initial force of the collision to protect the people inside a car.

Know how to respond when a highway defect causes a car accident

Texas is famous for its size; it's a large state, and it has large cities filled with large cars. For many people, Texas' size is a source of pride. However, in order to get from one place to another in such a large state, it's often necessary to travel on one of the state's many highways. These highways can be dangerous places and are the scene for many serious and deadly car accidents.

When people think about these deadly accidents, they might think about other drivers. They may think about the reckless, negligent or otherwise careless people that do not take their responsibility behind the wheel seriously. While negligent drivers are often to blame for car accidents, they are not the only thing that causes them. Defective car parts, for example, can also be to blame for serious accidents.

Causes of rollover car accidents

When Texas drivers hit the open road, they don't often think about the potential consequences. However, too many people have been affected by devastating car accidents. These accidents can cause much more than just some damage to a person's car. Many car accidents result in serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, broken bones and internal injuries, to those involved. In the most serious of cases, people can be killed in a car accident.

One serious type of car accident is a rollover accident. These accidents can cause devastating injuries and fatalities for everyone involved.

Does a car's design help to prevent injuries?

A lot of thought often goes into the design of consumer products. Companies think about how the product will be used, what consumers need and what consumers like. Everything from the materials chosen for the final product to the color choices and the features are carefully considered. Sometimes, these considerations are merely cosmetic. However, when it comes to cars, design choices are often meant to help keep people safe.

In fact, a car's design is so important that many features are subject to strict federal regulations. These regulations define the minimum standards that must be met when a car is manufactured. These rules are supposed to help ensure that all Texas residents are safe when they purchase a new vehicle.

Know how to proceed when a truck defect causes an accident

When a large commercial truck makes its way to Texas' roadways, it needs to be in good working condition. There are state and federal regulations that truck drivers and truck companies must follow to ensure that the truck is safe for travel within the state. These laws are in place to keep others safe from an accident.

Often, however, these regulations are ignored. Trucks are poorly maintained and companies do little to remedy the situation. Eventually, these dilapidated vehicles cause serious truck accidents. In many cases, a defective auto part is to blame. Auto part defects can include tire issues, such as vault stem faults, blowouts or sidewall bulging. These situations are extremely dangerous and can easily lead to a collision.

The 'discovery rule' and wrongful death cases

Following the death of a loved one in an accident, a family may be in complete shock. Their grief may be so deep that it can be hard to even think about the tragic circumstances that caused the person's death.

Following a deadly accident, though, it is important to determine whether another person's negligence caused the accident. If a person was negligent in causing the deadly accident, then that person can be held financially responsible for damages. However, determining liability often requires a family to ask tough questions that they may want to avoid.

Intoxicated driver kills 2 in Texas

It is hard to believe that there is anyone in Texas that doesn't understand the risks of drunk driving. Yet, despite all the laws, police enforcement, public education and awareness campaigns, thousands of Texas residents get behind the wheels of their cars while drunk each year. Some of these people make it to their destinations without causing damage, but many leave a wake of destruction in their path.

Sadly, a 26-year-old from San Antonio and a 23-year-old from New Braunfels were killed recently in a car accident that was allegedly caused by an intoxicated driver. According to reports, the accident occurred when a 23-year-old woman was driving a Toyota Camry northbound on IH-35. The problem, reports claim, was that she was driving on the southbound lanes. She had apparently entered the highway via the wrong exit ramp.

Are trucks required to keep maintenance records?

Any number of factors can be responsible for a truck accident. In some cases, an accident can be blamed on a negligent truck driver. The driver can be drunk, drowsy or unskilled, for example. In other situations, the truck itself can be responsible for an accident. Commercial vehicles are large, complex machines. They require regular maintenance in order to be safe for Texas roadways. Faulty brakes, missing lights or other negligent truck maintenance can easily cause a serious truck crash.

When an accident occurs, victims may not understand the first thing about why the truck accident occurred. Many people don't understand the complexities of commercial vehicles. Therefore, it is important to investigate any possible cause.

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