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The emotional and financial loss when Texans are killed

Life can be wonderful and joyous, but fragile. One wrong mistake on a Texan's part, and they face death. This does not have to be through an intentional act. Simple negligence can has devastating consequences -- especially behind the wheel of a car. In a fatal car crash, the victim's family is suddenly and unexpectedly losing a valued member. People often do not get the chance to say, "goodbye," or make their peace with the person's passing.

Under these circumstances, a family will likely be very emotional. These strong emotions can result in a variety of responses for each person involved. While the death of a loved one may lead some people to take action,. Others might be unable to react, or find themselves engaging in destructive behavior. Everyone, in their own time, will have to figure out a way to cope with their tremendous loss.

What steps should Texans take when injured by product defects?

When Texas residents purchase a product, they expect it to work as it was advertised. People do not often expect product defects in the things they purchase. However, defective products are sold all the time that lead to serious injuries.

If you are injured by a defective product, you have to take quick action to preserve your legal rights. The exact course of action that a person should take following an accident involving a hazardous product will change on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, it is important for people to get specific legal advice from an attorney.

Texas family sues restaurant for man's wrongful death

When a Texas business opens its doors, it is responsible for ensuring that the premises are safe for those entering. In some cases, that means making sure the premises is free from open and obvious hazards -- like a wet floor. In other situations, it means making sure there is adequate security to keep people safe. When businesses fail to live up to these standards, people can be seriously hurt or killed.

If a person is killed because of the negligence of another -- including a business -- a wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate. In a wrongful death lawsuit, the family of the deceased can hold a negligent party financially responsible for the loss of a loved one.

Texas noneconomic damages and wrongful death cases

When a loved one is killed in a Texas fatal accident, money is generally not the first thing that comes to mind. The sudden loss of a loved one is, instead, a horrible, sad and emotional time. The family may have to spend a long time coming to terms with the person's death before money ever crosses the family's mind. Eventually, however, people will start to feel the economic loss from the person's passing. If the person was a family breadwinner, for example, the family may suffer from lost wages. Additionally, bills may start to pile up, if from the person's funeral or from any medical treatment.

In a wrongful death lawsuit, these economic damages may be recoverable by the deceased's family. In a lawsuit, the family can hold a negligent party financially responsible for the damages caused in the fatal accident. Whether it is a car accident, fatal workplace accident or other accident, the family's economic recovery can be very important.

Texas slip-and-fall accidents; a landlord's responsibilities

When Texans think about slip-and-fall accidents, a grocery store or other public place might come to mind. Texans may think about someone falling in a grocery store aisle or restaurant that an employee failed to mop up. While these accidents often cause embarrassment to the person that falls, they can also cause serious injuries and result in unexpected expenses for the victim.

However, slip-and-fall accidents can happen anywhere, including in residential settings. When people are injured on a residential property, a landlord may be responsible for a person's injuries. In particular, a tenant or other party can hold a landlord responsible for slip-and-fall accident, if certain elements are met.

Premises liability: Texas dog attack after dangerous behavior

Many Texas residents love their dogs. They see them as lovable companions. And, for the most part, that is what dogs are. However, some dogs can be extremely dangerous. They can be prone to violent outbursts against people and other animals. When this happens, the dog's owners are legally responsible for any damage caused by the dog.

Recently, a Texas woman and her dog were attacked by a group of dogs from her neighborhood. In the attack, the woman suffered serious injuries, including several bites -- one of which nearly tore her ear off. The woman's dog was killed in the attack.

Texas premises liability: do injuries occur at shopping centers?

When Texas residents need to purchase something, they often head to their local store. For many people, shopping is something they love, while for others, it is a dreaded chore. In many cases, though, shopping for consumer goods at a retail store is so common place that people may not even think about it. People do not realize how common injuries are at shopping centers and grocery stores. However, just like any place you go, you can be injured while shopping.

There are many types of injuries that frequently occur while people are shopping. People should be aware of these potential injuries, so that they can be on the lookout for danger. People also need to realize that if one of these accidents happens to them, they may be entitled to compensation in a premises liability action.

Even in no-zones, Texas truck drivers need to exercise care

Texas semi-trucks and tractor-trailers are large and complex motor vehicles. Unlike cars and passenger trucks, these commercial trucks require specialized training to understand how to drive and maneuver these vehicles safely. If an unqualified truck driver gets behind the wheel of these trucks, a disaster could occur.

In particular, a no-zone truck accident could occur. As this blog has explained in a previous post, every commercial vehicle has a no-zone. This is an area that smaller cars and trucks should avoid, since it is difficult for truck drivers to see cars in these locations. Nonetheless, just because it is difficult for truck drivers, this does not mean that they are not responsible for accidents that occur in the no-zone.

Commercial drivers and alcohol can lead to truck accidents

There are many Texans that enjoy recreational drinking. People have a drink or two to unwind or while hanging out with friends. While there is nothing wrong with drinking in this way, if people get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after drinking, the consequences can be deadly. However, the law allows for people to have some alcohol before driving. In most cases, people can have a couple of drinks before they hit the legal limit.

This limitation, however, is different for commercial truck drivers. Because the dangers of truck accidents are so catastrophic, truck drivers are held to different standards than drivers of non-commercial vehicles. Under the law, commercial truck drivers cannot have a blood alcohol content of .04 percent of higher -- half of the legal limit for other drivers.

What is the "no-zone" for truck accidents

Drivers in the Comal area know that large commercial vehicles are commonplace on Texas' roads. Even on smaller local roads and county highways, semi-trucks and box trucks are not uncommon. These large vehicles can wreak havoc on a car during a truck accident.

A truck accident can leave victims with serious property damage and severe injuries. Fatal injuries are also a possibility. To be as safe as possible around trucks, Texas residents need to understand how to avoid an accident around large trucks. One way to do that is to stay out of a truck's "no-zone."

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