No-Zone Truck Accidents

What is the “No-zone” for Truck Accidents?

No-zones refer to the areas of a truck that are better known as blind spots on any other vehicle. As these areas are not visible through mirrors alone, truck drivers are expected to regularly check the no-zone areas and to carefully do so before changing lanes or turning. Unfortunately, many truck drivers fail to exercise caution and do not check their no-zone areas, resulting in traumatic accidents that affect other motorists and people on the road.

Drivers in the Comal area know that large commercial vehicles are commonplace on Texas’ roads. Even on smaller local roads and county highways, semi-trucks and box trucks are not uncommon. These large vehicles can wreak havoc on a car during a truck accident.

A truck accident can leave victims with serious property damage and severe injuries. Fatal injuries are also a possibility. To be as safe as possible around trucks, Texas residents need to understand how to avoid an accident around large trucks. One way to do that is to stay out of a truck’s “no-zone.”

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, a no-zone is an area around a large truck where a truck accident is most likely to occur. If other drivers understand where the no-zones are located, they can potentially save their lives by avoiding an accident.

Where Are the No Zone Areas on An 18-Wheeler?

There are three distinct no-zones on a truck. The first is a side no-zone. These zones are actual blind spots on the truck. If a driver cannot see the truck driver’s face, then it’s likely the truck driver cannot see the car. In these cases, an accident could occur if the truck changes lanes. Another no-zone is in the front of the truck. If a car is too close to the front of a truck, the truck driver may not be able to stop in time to avoid rear-ending the car. Finally, there is the rear no-zone. This zone is also a blind spot. Following too closely could lead to trouble if the truck suddenly stops or backs up.

Drivers can only do so much to stay safe around trucks. Truck drivers also share this responsibility. When a negligent truck driver causes an accident, victims need to be aware of their right to compensation. An attorney can give specific legal advice about victims’ rights.

While the no-zone areas on trucks are similar to the blind spot areas on other motor vehicles, they do differ slightly, especially when it comes to their size. The four no-zone areas of most trucks include:

  • Directly in front of the truck.
  • Behind the truck (usually about two car lengths).
  • Just beside the driver’s door and back about a car’s length.
  • Just beside and behind the passenger door, about 2 car lengths.

These areas are places where a truck driver must actually move his or her body to look before changing lanes to ensure that another vehicle is not in them. When a truck driver fails to do this, innocent drivers may be the ones to pay the often substantial price.

Dangers of No-Zones

All cars have blind spots that can make driving a dangerous task. However, due to the size and shape of 18-wheelers and semi trucks, these bigger vehicles have significantly larger blind spots that cause a corresponding increase in danger. There are many places in which a small car can become invisible to a truck driver, and these “no-zones” should be avoided in order to stay safe while on the road.

Although regular car drivers should avoid the no-zones around large trucks, truck drivers can still be held responsible for accidents that occur in this area. If you or someone you love has suffered in an accident caused by a truck driver’s failure to acknowledge the no-zones, you may be eligible for financial compensation for your suffering. Contact the New Braunfels no-zone truck accident attorneys of the Burch Law Firm at 830-629-0955 for information about your rights.

18-wheelers and other large trucks are equipped with several mirrors and other tools used to help drivers make sure that they are not driving too close to other vehicles. Although these may be helpful additions to the truck, they may not completely remove the dangers of no-zones. The areas that most commonly lead to no-zone accidents include:

  • Each side of the truck about where the truck meets the trailer.
  • An area just behind the trailer.
  • Directly in front of the truck.

Car drivers should stay out of the no-zone so that they can protect themselves and their passengers. However, there are certain times when a truck driver is liable for accidents in this zone.

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If a large truck has crashed into your vehicle because the driver failed to check his or her blind spots, then you might be owed financial compensation to help cover the costs of your injuries or repairs. The attorneys at the Burch Law Firm can help anyone in New Braunfels evaluate their legal options in this situation and possibly pursue much-needed financial compensation.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a no-zone accident, contact the New Braunfels no-zone accident lawyers of the Burch Law Firm at 830-629-0955. We have experience fighting for the rights of auto accident victims and can help you through this difficult time.