San Marco Car Accident Attorneys

If you were recently involved in a car accident in San Marcos, you are not alone. Crashes happen every day in the city and surrounding communities in Hays County. In fact, in 2016 alone in San Marcos, there were 1,445 auto crashes reported to police, including six fatal crashes and 265 injury crashes, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Fortunately, after a crash, you can turn to Burch Law Firm for the skilled and compassionate legal assistance that you will need as you move forward.

Attorney Troy Burch and his team of experienced car accident lawyers have more than a quarter century of experience with helping car accident victims and their families in San Marcos and throughout South Central Texas. We have the knowledge and resources that it will take to protect your rights against the insurance companies, and we will provide the highly personalized attention that you deserve. Unlike some big city law firms, we believe our clients deserve to work directly with a lawyer right from the start – no matter the size of their case.  

To learn more about how we can serve you, contact Burch Law Firm today and receive a free consultation. We can meet with you at our New Braunfels office or at your home or the hospital. We can also schedule an evening or weekend appointment if that would be convenient for you.

Causes of Car Accidents in San Marcos

Burch Law Firm knows how dangerous driving can be in San Marcos and surrounding areas of South Central Texas. Our region actually has some of the most dangerous roads and intersections in the state. For instance, the intersection of I-35 and Highway 123 has repeatedly ranked as the most deadly intersection in San Marcos, according to Corridor News. Heavy traffic congestion, constant construction and a large number of tourists unfamiliar with the local roadways all contribute to the problem.

Over the years, our firm has identified a number of common causes of auto accidents, including:

Additionally, many accidents are caused by:

If someone’s negligence harmed you or a loved one, you should not be left with the burdens it creates.  Get help today from our team of experienced legal professionals. You will work directly with a lawyer who will fight for maximum compensation for you.

How Can a Lawyer Help You after a San Marcos Car Accident?

Often, when people survive a serious car crash, they don’t know what to do to get the insurance company to pay what they are due. Large insurance companies have deep pockets and extensive resources. These companies want to maximize their profits by denying claims or by paying as little as possible. You deserve to have someone on your side who will fight to keep things fair.  Here are some of the ways Burch Law Firm can do that for you after a car accident in San Marcos:

  • Determine liability. The first step in any auto accident case is to conduct a thorough investigation. As part of our investigation, we will gather and examine crash scene evidence, review available photos and video, talk with witnesses and collect and analyze all other evidence that will allow us to establish how your crash happened and who should be held accountable for it.
  • Calculate damages. Next, our team will carefully figure out your potential damages. These are the losses that you have incurred as a result of the crash. Damages in a San Marcos car accident claim may include:
    • Past and future medical bills
    • Lost income and loss of ability to work in the future
    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional distress
    • Loss of consortium
    • Punitive damages.

We may consult with highly trained medical experts in order to better understand your injuries and prove how they have impacted your life. We may also review your case with crash reconstruction experts, engineers and other professionals who can help us to prepare the strongest case possible.

  • Pursue a settlement. When you speak with an insurance company, you put yourself at risk. You may inadvertently say something that the adjuster will try to use against you, or you may sign a document that waives your right to full and fair compensation. Burch Law Firm handles all negotiations for our clients. You can focus on getting medical care, while we handle trying to get the insurance company to pay what you deserve.
  • Take your case to trial. Most car accident claims are resolved through settlements. However, if a trial is necessary, we will be ready to put a strong, persuasive case before a jury on your behalf.
  • Tie up all loose ends. We know how there is often a lot more to your case than just your injuries. Many of our clients must deal with medical care providers, credit collection companies, lien holders, health insurance companies and more. We help our clients to handle these matters so they can focus on getting better.  

What Steps Should You Take After a Crash in San Marcos?

When you get into an auto accident in San Marcos, you can take certain steps to protect your health and your ability to recover full and fair compensation for your injuries and losses. Here are four basic steps that you should follow:

  • Get medical care immediately and follow your doctor’s treatment plan.
  • Get a copy of the crash report by going online or contacting the police department that responded to the accident such as the San Marcos Police Department or Hays County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Collect all photos, videos, medical bills, receipts for other crash-related expenses and all e-mails or letters from the insurance company.
  • Do not give a recorded statement, accept a settlement offer or sign anything from an insurance company unless you review the matter first with your attorney from Burch Law Firm.

Our San Marcos Auto Accident Attorneys Are Here for You

Every state limits how long you have to file a lawsuit for your injuries. In Texas, you generally have just two years from the date of your car accident to bring a lawsuit. If your loved one died from injuries suffered in a car accident, you would need to bring a lawsuit within two years from the date of the death. As you move forward, you need to pay attention to the statute of limitations that applies to your case and make sure to take timely action.

Contact Burch Law Firm today and speak directly with a lawyer about your San Marcos car accident. We won’t charge you for your consultation, and you will pay us no legal fees unless we secure a financial recovery for you.