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Drug companies are responsible for properly testing and representing their products for the public’s safety. Unfortunately, the claims that drugs make on their labels are not always truthful and accurate. As a result, many innocent consumers find themselves suffering serious side effects as a result of these false claims.

If a company makes a claim that a drug can treat or manage a particular health concern, but the product hasn’t been sufficiently tested to prove that claim or has actually been found to not treat that health issue, the drug company may be held responsible for their willful negligence. Any customers who have been injured as a result of these false claims may be entitled to pursue financial compensation for the full range of costs associated with their injuries.

The Dangers of False Drug Claims

A customer using a drug to treat a serious health concern should be provided with accurate information from that drug’s manufacturer. If the pharmaceutical manufacturer makes false claims regarding the efficacy or abilities of their drug, however, a consumer may not only not see the effects they wanted, but also may suffer serious harm. These drug claim dangers may include the following issues:

  • Failure to receive proper treatment for a condition or disease.
  • Possible unnecessary drug interaction risks.
  • Possible unexpected side effects.

It’s considered the legal responsibility of the drug manufacturer to properly represent their drug to the public and to physicians who may prescribe the drug to patients; failing to do so places the costs of any resulting injuries on the drug manufacturer’s shoulders.

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