T-Bone Collision Injuries to Pregnant Mother and Child

Pregnant woman sustained a ruptured uterus as a result of a vehicle striking her driver’s door while running a red light. After being transported by ambulance to the hospital, our client underwent an emergency cesarean section surgery resulting in the premature birth of her child. The child, although healthy, required an extensive stay in neonatal intensive care until the child’s lungs could function normally.

The claims of both the mother and child settled for a total of $300,100.00, representing all available insurance policy limits after extensive litigation where fault was hotly contested due to an inconclusive police report. Our firm was successful in obtaining statements from witnesses, including other drivers who witnessed the collision and employees of businesses at the busy Austin intersection where the crash occurred during our initial scene investigation, proving that the Defendant ran the red light. We also videotaped the light sequence at the intersection, proving that the collision could not have occurred as contended by the lawyers for the Defendant. It was very helpful that we were retained early on in order to secure the evidence necessary to prove our client’s case. The case settled for policy limits totaling $300,100.00. Attorney’s fees totaled $106,699.99 and case expenses were $1,543.33. After payment of a health insurance lien, our clients’ net recovery totaled $143,548.21.