Inadequate Security in Malls Endangers Shoppers

In the age of Internet shopping, many people choose to stay home from malls and other shopping centers. Instead, people turn to online shopping to get the things they need and want. However, during the holiday season, many Texas residents choose to frequent their local malls in order to pick up presents. When people go to malls and other public spaces, they want to know that they are safe.

Under premises liability laws, it is the property owners’ responsibility to keep visitors safe. The safety expectation includes keeping people safe from common hazards like wet floors, but it also means trying to avoid security threats. In order to do this, owners of shopping centers should provide adequate security against violence.

Malls across the United States face a variety of threats on a daily basis. These threats can range from the benign issues to extremely dangerous situations. Therefore, these places must take measures to protect the individuals who visit the mall. Depending on the space, this can include adding high tech security measures to track people and property within the mall. In other situations, this can mean hiring adequate security guards to keep people safe.

These measures can be expensive for the business and property owners. In some cases, property owners may want to take additional steps to keep people safe but choose not to in order to save money. If an owner fails to take adequate security measures and someone gets hurt, the property owner may be held liable for damages.

In these cases, people may be entitled to compensation for the injuries they’ve suffered because of inadequate security. An attorney can help Texas residents understand whether they have an actionable premises liability claim when injured in a mall.