Product Liability and Automobile Safety


  • Aug
  • 2015

When Texans think about what they want out of their cars, a few things probably come to mind. They likely want their car to be reliable. They need to get from one place to the next. They also probably want their car to be cheap to use. They do not want large maintenance costs or gas expenses. And, most importantly, people want their car to be safe. They want to know that they are going to get to their destination safely and without incident.

In many situations, whether someone makes it to their destination in one piece is determined by the drivers around that person. Other people have to rely on others to follow the rules to avoid a serious accident or injury. Nonetheless, serious injuries are not only caused by negligent drivers, but they can be caused by negligent manufacturers as well.

There are many times when car companies just do not put the necessary car into making or designing a car. In these situations, signal failures, seatbelt malfunction, rollovers and other defective auto parts are responsible for causing accidents and injuries to innocent drivers. These defectives have led to countless product recalls to help take dangerous products off the market.

Sadly, a product recall often comes as too little, too late for many Texas residents. A recall cannot undo the damage caused by an auto defect. The recall cannot help compensate people for their injuries. But, the Burch Law Firm may be able to help.

Our firm has experience helping hold companies liable for their negligence. We gather facts about the product defect and peoples injuries to ensure that companies are held responsible. Whether the defect includes a manufacturing error or a design defect, we know how to get people the compensation they need and deserve.

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